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50 years of success - Established 1974

50 Years of Success
Established in 1974

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Expert Opinions

“Avoiding technical complexities wherever possible and giving detailed explanations and examples in simple terms, this course is an invaluable introduction to the complicated world of money and numbers. I believe it not only achieves its aim to equip managers at all levels with the ability to interact with financial specialists, but the course material also provides an excellent resource for future reference.

“Whether you are running your own business, are on the way up the management ladder, or just a private investor, the knowledge gained is wide-ranging and will prove invaluable.

“I particularly like the use of Key Points to Remember and the Self-Assessment at the end of each module, as well as the final Glossary of Terms. Some aspects of finance can be daunting or pretty dry and the humour used certainly adds to the ease of learning.

“Whether running a successful business of your own or managing a department within a larger organisation, the understanding of financial facts and figures and their impact is imperative in today’s business environment. Personally, I had to gain my financial knowledge purely from experience and would have welcomed a course such as this.

“The author specifically refers to the fact that the course is not intended to create accountants or bookkeepers. The aim is to give the reader an understanding of the world of finance and, in my view, he succeeds admirably!”

Derek Mace is a retired company director with a career in the construction industry in South Africa. In 1975 he became co-founder and joint managing director of a company which grew from grass roots to become one of the largest contracting civil engineering groups in South Africa. He acted for many years as an external examiner in Building Economics for the University of Cape Town.


“Finance can be a scary and somewhat tiresome subject for those who have no previous experience of its complexities and jargon. So, any course that aims to teach the world of finance to non-financial people has its work cut out!

“I was then pleasantly surprised to read the course Finance for Non-Financial Managers as it fulfils all the requirements of a solid, enjoyable and, most importantly, highly informative course. It approaches a subject that can be somewhat tedious and stale at times by splitting it into easy to read chunks. Followed up and consolidated by self-assessment exercises and tutor-marked assignments – with a laugh or two thrown in to ease the learning process.

“There’s a good mix of reading and practical work to keep the student’s attention and the author has taken the time to explain each topic in a clear and concise manner. There’s also a handy glossary at the end of the course, which I am sure will prove an invaluable reference over time.

“The course will appeal to business owners who need to fully immerse themselves in the financial workings of their business and employees looking for self-improvement to gain career progression.

“I am certain that students who complete this course successfully will have a sound understanding of the company finances deemed so necessary to be successful in today’s business environments.”

Mr A Vanden Akker is a businessman with a deep interest in education and training. Before starting his own very successful company he was the Director of Studies of Britain’s largest private home study college.