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49 years of success - Established 1974

49 Years of Success
Established in 1974

"Helping you gain
.control of your career"

Enrolling is Easy!


If you have access to the Internet and have a credit or debit card you can enrol online to start your course today. Simply click the ‘Enrol Now’ buttons on any of your chosen course pages.

By Phone:
You can enrol with your credit or debit card over the phone. Call 0800 612 3637 (UK). 0044 161 819 9912 (Overseas)

By Fax:
Complete your enrolment form, along with your credit or debit card details, and then fax it over to: 0161 819 2842 (UK) 00 44 161 819 2842 (Overseas)

By Post:
Simply complete the enrolment form and send it together with your fees to: Business Training, 8-10 Dutton Street, Manchester, M3 1LE, England.

How to access the Student Community Area when you enrol by post or fax:
When you enrol by fax or post please tell us your email address if you have one. We will automatically set up your login to the Student Community Area on the website so you can access your course materials and chat with other students. You will be notified by email once your login has been set up.

How to Send Your Fees If You Don’t Have or Don’t Want to Use a Credit or Debit Card

Direct Bank Transfer – Quick and Safe

You can complete a transfer directly from your bank to ours which is quick and safe. Here are the details you’ll need.

Account Name: Systematic Training and Trading Ltd Trading as The Writers Bureau

Bank Name: Royal Bank of Scotland


IBAN Number: GB84RBOS16000130130879

Sort Code: 16-00-01 A

ccount Number: 30130879


If you are sending your regular monthly instalment you should notify our accounts department, making sure you detail your student number and name on the e-mail, on


Please note that Business Training is a division of The Writers Bureau – this is why the account is in The Writers Bureau’s name.

If you choose to send your fees this way please make sure you notify us with:

  • the amount sent

  • date sent

  • your name and address

  • the course you want to enrol on.

We can then enrol you. Send the above details to: or to the address or fax number shown above.

Sterling Bankers Draft
You do not need a bank account to obtain a Sterling Bankers Draft. You can buy on at any bank that conducts foreign exchange. Always tell the bank that your payment is for educational purposes. If the bank needs proof of this show them your enrolment form and Business Training prospectus.

Make the draft payable to The WritersBureau

When you have bought your draft send it to us along with your enrolment form.

Don’t let the bank send your payment to us. This will cost you more and it will take longer to reach us – delaying your enrolment.

The fees quoted do not include bank charges. Any small amount your bank may charge for a bankers draft must be your responsibility. Do not deduct it from your fees.

Cheques and Postal Orders
We can only accept cheques drawn on a UK bank and UK postal orders. Please DO NOT send cheques or postal orders in any other currency.

Please make payable to  The WritersBureau


We can accept cash in:

UK – Sterling

Cyprus – Pounds

Qatar – Riyal

Europe – Euro

Fiji – Dollars

Saudi Arabia – Riyal

US – Dollars

Hong Kong – Dollars

Singapore – Dollars

Any Western European Currency

Korea – Won

South Africa – Rand

Australian - Dollars

Macau – Pataca

Taiwan – Dollars

Bahama – Dollars

New Zealand - Dollars

UAE – Dirham

Bahrain – Dollars

Malaysia – Ringgit

Bermuda – Dollars

Oman – Rial

Canada - Dollars

Papua New Guinea – Kina

If you send cash we recommend that you send it by registered post.

In some countries there is a legal limit on the amount of money you can send in currency notes. You must make sure you keep within any limit that applies to your country.

Finally, if you want to check what the fees are in your own currency then you can use an online currency converter.  But remember that exchange rates change from day to day so only use this as a guide.

Finally, if you want to check what the fees are in your own currency then you can use an online currency converter.  But remember that exchange rates change from day to day so only use this as a guide.