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50 years of success - Established 1974

50 Years of Success
Established in 1974

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Effective Time Management Course – Making Living Less Stressful

Goal setting and planning forms the basis of this course which could be entitled ‘how to organise your life’. It is a thorough, wide-ranging and helpful guide to managing your business and personal life, with lots of practical time management and organisational techniques.

Written in an informal chatty style, the author uses anecdotes and examples from his own life to illustrate time management issues. Encouraging, realistic and pragmatic, with useful documentation which can be copied, adapted and re-used it enables you to bring control into all aspects of your life.

The sections on goal-setting and planning are equally applicable to your business and personal life and encourage clear, purposeful thinking. The effects of stress are clearly explained in a thoughtful way with step by step analysis of how it affects individuals, giving lots of helpful advice on handling stress.

The sections on procrastination, the biggest time waster of all, and other barriers to action, enable you to take a hard look at yourself, understand how you operate, and monitor and analyse how you use your time.

The course offers a wide range of time management techniques (both high-tech and low-tech) enabling you to pick and choose those suiting your personal style and aptitude. (It has the clearest explanation I have yet seen of an internet cloud.)

Sound advice on dealing with people and handling meetings, with a helpful section on assertiveness is a further aid to help you exert control over your life.

I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to get more out of life, to achieve more and reduce their stress levels.

Jean Stainthorpe

Jean Stainthorpe is a Business Coach and Mentor. Much of her working life was spent in large organisations managing teams of technical and professional people developing IT systems implemented for customers throughout the UK. She now works with the SME sector bringing experience of the corporate world to directors and senior managers to help them achieve their potential and thus greater success in their business and personal lives.