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50 years of success - Established 1974

50 Years of Success
Established in 1974

"Helping you gain
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Evans Chinyama"I want to inform you and the whole school management at large that I'm now doing fine, I was appointed by the District Health Director to work as an Acting District Stores Officer, at the Administration block. I'm now at the District level, from a simple cleaner to a Stores Manager. It's because of the knowledge which Business English Course had put/invested in me. Once more, allow me to say BRAVO to Business English Course, keep it up. Thank you so much.

Evans Chinyama - Zambia.

Eugenia Thomas“I am a Verbatim Reporter employed at the Industrial Court in the service of the Government of Trinidad and Tobago. There is little opportunity for promotion or wage rises as a Verbatim Reporter, however, since joining Business Training I know I have gained something more. I feel more empowered to try new projects and whereas before, I would have been fearful to approach and speak to people, I no longer am afraid to speak publicly or to give my opinion before a crowd.

“Business Training has helped me to become a more outgoing person and has given me the confidence to start my own tuition business. I tutor primary school students in basic English Grammar and I help prepare secondary school students for the Caribbean CXC ‘O’ Level English Examination in the evenings and on Saturday mornings.

“I have also volunteered to be a member of the Health and Safety Committee which the Industrial Court wants to introduce.

“I would like to thank Business Training for giving me the opportunity to participate in such a wonderful course of training. On receiving my Diploma I felt such a great sense of achievement.” 

Eugenia Thomas, Trinidad

Leslie Kitno“Since receiving the Business English course my knowledge has improved significantly. It has enhanced my ability to create text constructively, efficiently and precisely. It enforced effectiveness in my teaching career and also helped with writing essays, survey reports and other tasks towards the achievement of my Bachelor Degree in Special Education.

“Recently I have been appointed from a base level officer to a Regional Co-ordinator for the Deaf Education in Papua New Guinea. My wages have doubled and other benefits and allowances added, including a scholarship package for further advancement.

“The knowledge from Business Training in Business Management has helped me to start a small scale retail shop registered as Blue Man Trading. Within five months of starting it has proven to be highly profitable. I now employ three permanent workers.

“The Business English course is a flexible learning programme, yet the skills, knowledge and the attitudes you gain can be a stepping stone to prosperity. I highly recommend Business Training to anyone."

Leslie Kitno, Papua New Guinea

Helen Kweteisa“Before I joined Business Training I was afraid to speak English. I could not express myself in public because I feared making mistakes.

“After attaining my Diploma in Business English with a Distinction, I became confident of myself and I am now able to read, speak and write with confidence.

“I was a co-ordinator for Forgotten Africa Uganda, a Non-Government Organisation which endeavours to meet the needs of the needy who include among others orphans, widows, the aged and other disadvantaged people. Since receiving my Diploma I have been promoted from being a co-ordinator to the position of Director of Forgotten Africa Uganda. My wage has trebled.

“I have travelled to UK and USA and spoken with confidence to 10 gatherings about Forgotten Africa and why it needs supporting. “I have also written project proposals which have brought quite good money to Forgotten Africa Uganda.

“I attribute these achievements to Business Training. I give a vote of thanks to all the trainers for the tremendous work they are doing.”

Helen Kweteisa, Uganda

Dahlia Ewers“Before joining Business Training I was working at a bank in Jamaica as a customer service representative. After I received my Business English final results I applied for college in the USA and I was accepted and received accreditation from all my English courses.

“I am now living in the USA and working in the hotel industry. Ten months into my job as a front desk agent I showed my manager my Diploma in Business English with Distinction. I was promoted to Front Desk Supervisor and Night Auditor with a 25% increase in salary. “Since completing my Business English course I am now able to speak English fluently to all the Business Executives at my job. At all times I am complimented on how well I speak and how professionally I handle my duties. The Business English course has allowed me to be more confident when I speak. This course has been a milestone achievement for me.

“I would recommend the Business English course to anyone who wants to improve their English, learn more about the business world or to widen their management techniques. This course can also be used to improve one's personal qualities required for a good manager. Since completing my course I have been encouraging my co-workers, friends and family members to sign up and start this impressive course that will not only improve their way of life but also empower it. Well done Business Training, you are doing a fantastic job, helping people to grow both professionally and personally."

Dahlia Ewers, USA

“I have had three promotions and my salary has doubled. I am now in charge of one important section in the Airport. I was able to pursue my post graduate studies in Arabic/English translation. My life has changed greatly work-wise and social-wise thanks to Business Training and their professional instructors.”

Mohammad Khalil Ibrahim Khamis, United Arab Emirates

“The service has been excellent. Exam papers are corrected promptly, appropriate remarks are given and course material is promptly packaged and dispatched.”

Margaret Phillips, Jamaica

“After getting my Diploma from Business Training I have been offered numerous jobs. I have taken up the post of secretary to a reputable Senior Agency Manager. Regarding my salary this has definitely risen by two and a half times what I was earning before.”

R. Saraswathy, Malaysia

“After finishing my course, I was promoted to an Executive Teacher of my school and my salary increased by 30%. I am also the auditor of the local Sugar Cane Farmers. Thanks to Business Training I give advice to the people of the village, parents and teachers in my district.”

Abdul Salaam, Fiji

“I have had a 50% raise since I received my Diploma. I have also got a company car and have been invited to conferences in Miami. I am also teaching part-time in the evenings. Because of the extra jobs and increase in salary I was able to buy my own home.”

Sonia Clarke Bowen, Jamaica

"I have achieved a lot since joining Business Training. I can freely mingle with other business men and women. I contribute in every topic in the meetings and Church gatherings. I am a business consultant. I am hired in various companies to help them run their businesses in a proper way. My business has grown! Business Training is just the best. It changes your status within six months.

Mpundu Edith Kawanda, Zambia

“Before completing my course I was promoted to National Sales Manager in my company and my salary doubled. After receiving my Diploma I was promoted to Regional Sales Manager for the Gulf Area. Now I am being paid a salary and commission. Other benefits include company maintained car, housing allowance, medical and social insurance.”

Samy H Shetewy, Saudi Arabia

Dahlia Ewers“I would recommend the Business English course to anyone who wants to improve their English, learn more about the business world or to widen their management techniques"

Dahlia Ewers, USA



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