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50 years of success - Established 1974

50 Years of Success
Established in 1974

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Useful Links

This is a site for both learners and teachers of English as a second language. Access is free with everything from lessons for students to jobs for teachers, including games, quizzes, chat, blogs, help and penpals.
If you’re learning English, being able to use idioms correctly really demonstrates your fluency. And even if English is your first language, you’ll still find some quirky idioms on this site that you’ve never come across before.
An interesting site that gives you access the the Cambridge Advanced Learners Dictionary. They also have the following sections: Activities, Top 40 words and Word of the Day.
Whether you want to improve your language skills, your English or simply broaden your horizons, you can’t do better than check-out this site on a regular basis. On the home page click on ‘Explore the BBC’, then click on ‘Learning’ and finally on ‘Business Studies’. There’s enough of interest to keep you going for months!
This is a fantastic resource. Although the information is based on English regulations, it will be of use wherever you live in the world. It gives advice and covers topics that are of interest to every business person. These range from setting up your own business, health and safety, the environment, employing staff, through to sales, marketing and much, much more.
Is a pronouncing dictionary with sound effects. Great if English is not your first language – or you want to sound just like a TV news reader!
A great site for anyone who struggles to keep up with ever-changing computer technology. There are a number of categories in which you can search and even a ‘computer word of the day’ – although if you’re tempted to click on that, perhaps you need to seriously consider what you’re going with your life!
A great business site giving information about leadership skills, problem solving, decision making, time and stress management, communication skills, memory improvement and much more. There’s some advertising of products but this isn’t intrusive and doesn’t detract from the loads of useful information.
This is an invaluable research resource. It describes itself as ‘a free and friendly website that indexes and reviews quality, credible and current web-based resources’. As well as dictionaries and encyclopedias, you will find the latest stories, ‘today in history’, picture libraries and so on.
This quick-reference site has links to a wealth of useful resources, including online dictionaries and encyclopaedias, biographies, an anagram-finder, translators, dictionaries of quotations, currency converters, maps and more.
This English as a Second Language site provides over 1000 pages of free information and resources for teachers and students. All material is organised by skill level and includes ‘see, hear and say’ new English words, quiz links, explanations, examples and exercises, idioms, recommendations for text books and an online book exchange, amongst other features.
This is a commercial marketing site but if you sign-up you receive free tips copywriting, branding, pr and much more that will be useful to most businesses.
You can subscribe to a free marketing ideas newsletter here which contains valuable ideas, hints, tips and advice on growing your business and achieving better results.
This free dictionary is a great resource for historical writers. It explains when a chosen word was first used in the language and how its meaning and use have developed over time.
This is the online portal for The Open University and the BBC. It’s a fascinating site, a good research source for any topic and has some great forums to join.
This is a useful site with English vocabulary and exercises – both general and for business. Categories include telephone language, marketing, irregular verbs, idioms and much more.
A great website with authoritative articles, interviews and blogs on all aspects of business.
The largest free Q and A service on the Internet! Most questions are turned around within a day.

A dictionary and thesaurus.
A dictionary of antonyms and synonyms

Newspapers – to improve your English and increase your general knowledge!

The British Library

The Bodleian Library
National Library of Scotland
National Library of Wales
Trinity College Library, Dublin

Dahlia Ewers“I would recommend the Business English course to anyone who wants to improve their English, learn more about the business world or to widen their management techniques"

Dahlia Ewers, USA



Felix Mwasuka“After obtaining my Business English with Spoken English Certificate, I found a new job as a personal assistant and my salary doubled. Later, upon obtaining my Advanced Business English Diploma, I secured another new job as shop manager. My salary has increased four-fold with numerous allowances to make my work easier.”

Felix Mwasuka, Zambia


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