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50 years of success - Established 1974

50 Years of Success
Established in 1974

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Business Training's Student of the Year 2011


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Congratulations from everyone here at Business Training to Mr Shaft Gent Musaka! He impressed our judges with the progress he’s made in his life and career since being a student on our Business English with Spoken English Diploma course and has been awarded Business Training’s Student of The year 2011. We hope you really enjoy spending your £100 prize! And, let’s not forget the other worthy winners, Amollo, Yashine, Godwin and Albert – well done, spend your £25 wisely and keep up the good work! All winning students also received a Certificate of Achievement for their efforts.


Read on to see what can be achieved with a little hard work and expert help!



Shaft Musaka

“Since joining Business Training I have been able to enrol at the Copperbelt University to study a Bachelors degree in Business Administration. I was given exemption to most of the subjects, including communication skills. I had indicated to the university that I was a student at BTL and a copy of my acceptance letter was submitted. I have since graduated. Little did I know how valuable the spoken English practice would be; after listening and repeating many times my speech has greatly improved.

Shaft Musaka“I have become invaluable in the work place, helping out with letter writing, drafting memos, and general public relations administration. Business English has really improved my ability to perform my role as an information officer and I am now considering applying for higher positions within my company. During this year’s Labour Day celebrations I was awarded the most dependable worker!

“I would like to thank BTL for the good service they offer their students – I owe you a lot. My sincere gratitude to you all.”

Shaft Gent Musaka, Zambia


Amollo Gorretty“After I receiving my Diploma with credit I was accepted onto an Advanced Business Studies course at Moi University, Kenya. After presenting my Diploma to the Director of my company I was promoted to the position of private secretary to the Continental Director. My salary has doubled and I also have higher levels of self-esteem and confidence. I now train the more junior workers in my organisation.

"As well as being the private secretary to the Continental Director, I’ve been promoted to the position of Chief Administrator of the organisation. This comes with the promise of me undertaking further studies sponsored by the Good Samaritan Ministries. Business Training has been a gateway to advancing my career – thank you!”

Amollo Gorretty Auma, Kenya

Yashine Mussa“Three months after successfully completing my Advanced Business English Diploma, I received an incredible offer for an exciting position at HSBC. It was truly one of the most wonderful moments in my life. It is a different world with lots of compensation and benefits. My salary has doubled and very soon I will own a new house. “I have also successfully passed my ACCA exams, achieving another Diploma in Business Management. I am now embarking on a Bachelors of Business Administration as well as continuing with the next set of ACCA exams.

“Business Training has opened many doors to success that were previously closed. A notable benefit is the great improvement in my vocabulary and grammar. The good command of English and the management skills acquired from Business Training enabled me to handle customers in a kind and courteous manner. I would recommend Business Training to anyone who wants to learn more about English and the world of business.

“It was a wonderful journey studying with Business Training and I am proud to be one of its successful students.”

Yashine Sheik Mohamed Mussa, Mauritus

Godwin Boso“It did not take long to see an improvement in my command over English after joining Business Training. This was also evident to my superiors and colleagues. In the following year I was given the responsibility of handling the financial affairs of the district as I became the District Treasurer. Within a period of two years, my income levels increased by over 60 per cent. Apart from enabling me to undertake a personal business venture in pig farming, this training has also improved my ability to communicate in a more professional business manner.

“The greatest of my achievements is that I am presently pursuing a Bachelor of Theology Degree and expect to complete this in November of this year. You may also be interested to know that some of my work colleagues come to me to have their work edited.

“I will not hesitate to recommend this course to others. I owe you a million thanks!”

Godwin Dela Boso, Ghana

Albert Tapakau“Since joining Business Training both my written and spoken English are getting better and better. Most importantly, I have been appointed Senior Supervisor at one of the countries’ international hotels. My salary is now twice what it was previously. I can now communicate well with clients, guests, staff, employees, tourists and tenants in English. We now own a family home because I qualified to obtain a housing loan from the bank due to my wage increase.

“I now have self-confidence in English grammar and my communication skills. I am getting more responsibility in my daily duties and business trips have become fun rather than fearful!”

Albert Tapakau, Papua New Guinea