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50 years of success - Established 1974

50 Years of Success
Established in 1974

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1. How will the Professional Sales Techniques course help me?
Selling is one of those skills that will always be in demand. Every company – no matter what product or service they offer – needs at least one talented and dedicated salesperson. After all, how many companies can survive if no-one buys their goods or services? So, if you can learn how to sell, and sell really well, you’ll always have work. Being able to sell will also give you choices. You’ll not only be able to work for a company as a salesperson, you’ll have the option of working as a freelance salesperson. Or, you could choose to put your skills to use on products or services that you sell through your own business. Plus, the basic principles of selling are the same the world over, so you can move to where there is opportunity.


2. Do I need any qualifications to enrol on this course?
No, you do not need any qualifications to enrol and no previous knowledge of sales techniques is required. The course will take you step-by-step through the sales process and introduce you to established selling techniques and tools. However, for our overseas students who do not have English as a first language, it is worth noting that a working knowledge of the language is required as the training is conducted entirely in English. As a guide, if you can understand what you are reading now you’ll be able to understand the course.


3. Who is this course aimed at?
This course is aimed at anyone who wishes to improve their selling skills. You can work in any industry or service sector and you don’t even have to be employed to benefit from this course. If you want to make sales part of your career, studying this course will improve your knowledge of the area and give you a firm foundation to build on. Essentially, the course aims to help anyone who needs it. However, if you are under the age of 18 please contact for further advice.


4. How much time do I need to spend on the course?
The simple answer to this is – you choose. As this is a home study course you can decide when and for how long you study. This allows you to have a truly flexible schedule that you can fit in around your other commitments. However, it is important that you study regularly to get the best results. The quicker you work your way through the course, the quicker you’ll be finished and ready to put your sales techniques into practice.


5. How long will it take me to complete my training?
You have two years in which to complete your training – this is the maximum time you can take. But, you could complete it in as little as four months if you put your mind to it, study and submit your assignments regularly. Obviously, the more time you can spend studying, the quicker you’ll complete the course.


6. Can I take a break from the course?
You can take a break from the course, but we wouldn’t advise it as you’ll halt the momentum you’ve built up. If you stop, you’ll have to re-familiarise yourself with what you previously studied before carrying on, making your study time longer than it needs to be. It’s better to build on your knowledge steadily whilst the information is still fresh in your mind. If you find your enthusiasm starting to melt away, for whatever reason, call us and we can help resolve any problems you may be having and get you back on track. Of course, you also have the two year time-limit for completion of the course to consider. We want you to be a skilled salesperson as soon as possible, so we’d advise only taking a break if you absolutely have to.


7. If I want to stop my training at any time will you refund my fees?
Once you’ve started this course we hope that you’ll soon see the benefits and want to complete it. But, we do acknowledge that sometimes people, for whatever reason, change their minds. If you find that this is the case, just return the course to us within the 15 day trial period and we’ll either transfer you to another course of your choice or offer you your money back – no quibble. Outside of the 15 day trial we do not offer refunds.


8. Who can I contact if I get stuck on something?
Don’t worry! Because we know you will be working on your own, the course has been specifically designed to be self-explanatory, thorough and easy to follow. But, should you find that you are struggling with any aspect of the training you can contact our student services team on for an informal chat and a detailed individual response to your query. You can also utilise the knowledge of your fellow learners in the student forums located in the Student Community Area. Whatever the problem, there will always be someone who can help.


9. How will my study material be sent to me?
Your course materials are sent to an address of your choice. We also know you’ll be eager to get started, so if you enrol online you’ll be able to access the whole course and the first assignment through our website straightaway. If you enrol through the post, access to the course modules online can also be arranged. Simply make sure your email address is on the enrolment form and we will send your login details once your enrolment has been processed.


10. What happens if the parcel does not arrive at my address?
We ensure that all parcels we send to you are secure and properly addressed and labelled to prevent problems with delivery. If your materials fail to arrive, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can send out a replacement set. But, don’t forget, you can start your course straightaway when you enrol online.


11. What are the assignments like?
Your assignments are designed to test your understanding of the information you’ve learnt in the course materials. They get you thinking about the selling process and the factors that affect it, how you can manipulate it and how you can use your newly acquired skills and techniques to sell for other companies or your own business.


12. Do I ever meet my tutor?
Not in the normal course of events. Your communication with him or her is through the post or by email. But, you are welcome to contact our offices at any time where you can speak to our experienced student advisors should you need to.


13. Can I send my work by email?
Yes, you can send your work to us by email. This will save you both time and money. It also eliminates the risk of work being lost in the postal system.


14. What happens between assignments?
You’ll have plenty to think about between assignments – taking on board your tutor’scomments, reading through the next set of modules, and starting your next assignment.


15. Can you put me in touch with other students?
You have contact with other students through the Student Community Area on our website. This is an important facility as it provides a way to communicate with other like-minded students and allows access to valuable resources. You can chat with students on the same course, seek support, ask for advice or generally de-stress. We do not, however, give out personal details of students. Your privacy and security is of utmost importance to us. We also have Facebook and LinkedIn profiles that you can subscribe to and follow.


16. I have the determination and ambition to succeed, but I cannot afford the school fees. Can you give any financial assistance?
As a private college we rely on the fees we receive from students, so we cannot give any financial assistance. But, as this course improves your ability to carry out your job effectively you may want to ask your employer if they would be willing to invest in you. Alternatively, you could tell a friend or relative of your plans to improve yourself, maybe they will support you. Or, you could start saving now and enrol when you are ready. That’s the best thing about being able to enrol at any time.


17. Do I need to buy anything extra? Are there any further costs?
It would be extremely useful if you spent a little time and money reading through as much information on selling and sales techniques as you can. Magazines, newspapers and websites would be excellent resources. But, essentially, everything you need is provided in the course materials we send you. There are no extras – the course fee pays for all the course materials, tuition and the assignments.