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50 years of success - Established 1974

50 Years of Success
Established in 1974

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What is Project Management?


In short project management is the management of change. Project managers are expected to take control and manage every little detail of the project – from the planning stage to the close.

What Do Project Managers Control

Project managers will control any resources connected to the project including:

  • money – there’s always a budget to adhere to and project management is about keeping to the designated amounts for each part of the project. However, it’s not only about keeping to budgets, it’s also about maximising the allocated financial resources. For instance, if the project manager buys a printer can he get the salesman to throw in a year’s supply of ink cartridges too?

  • physical – project managers are also responsible for organising physical resources. So, if the project requires heavy lifting equipment is there enough of it available at the time it’ll be required, does the company already own it, or will it have to be hired.

  • human – people are a vital resource in any project, so it is vital that project managers are able to manage people well. This means:

    - communicating with them
    - keeping them motivated
    - inspiring them
    - praising them

This applies even when the going is really tough. And, without a well functioning project team it will be very difficult for the project manager to achieve anything.

How Is This Different To Day-To-Day Management?

Day-to-day managers may be saying, ‘Hang on a minute – that’s what I do!’ And that may be how it seems from the outside as project managers are responsible for some of the same areas, such as keeping control of budgets, staff and so on. But, day-to-day management is about keeping the business ticking over by completing regular, routine tasks. Project management is about dealing with something – a change – that is not part of everyday business.

Business Training can help you to become a Project Manager, including an explanation of and instruction in the use of PRINCE2. To find out more, request a prospectus for our Project Management course.