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50 years of success - Established 1974

50 Years of Success
Established in 1974

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Business Training Student of The Year 2015


Congratulations to Lawrence Loubai – the winner of Business Training’s 2015 Student of the Year Award.

Lawrence LoubaiOnce again, I’ve had the privilege of reading all the stories that our students have sent in about what they’ve achieved. This year, as usual, they really were an impressive lot! I love being able to discuss the shortlist with our tutors because it gives them the chance to see what the course – and their help – can do for students.

But it’s not just the overall winner that should be in the spotlight – the runners up have all got great stories to tell, too. And everyone who entered deserves a round of applause. After all, it’s our students’ success that provides us with the high reputation we enjoy as trainers.

I’m sure you’re looking forward to hearing Lawrence’s story, so I’ll let him tell it in his own words:

Before joining Business Training I was just an ordinary assistant teacher at a local primary school. My superiors saw me as a new graduate with insufficient teaching experience and lack of life skills knowledge. I did not have any well planned future dreams.

During my first year with Business Training, I was recognised and promoted to the next level – Senior Teacher looking after Junior Teachers and students and my salary was increased.

Upon receiving the Diploma with Distinction I applied for further studies. I was accepted at the University of Goroka for a Bachelor Degree in Education. I will complete the program at the end of this year, 2015.

During the course I learnt a lot – especially how to take down the minutes of meetings. Because of this I was selected to be secretary of a youth sports club in the communities that surround the school. In addition, since last year I was elected and took the post of President of a student association within the university.

I would strongly recommend the course to anyone who wishes to develop personally and professionally. Special thank you to my course tutors who have guided me through the period of my study till I received my Diploma with flying colours!

And the runners up are:  


Sisilia SeviuaSisilia Seviua from Fiji

Before I joined Business Training I would say I was not a very successful person. I did not complete Year 13 at high school. Even though I attained a Diploma in Music and an Advanced Certificate in Computing years later, I was not able to get a permanent job. Instead I worked as a farmer, cleaner, baby-sitter, care-giver and I got paid $10 per week. If I was lucky I worked as an administration officer for which I was paid $110 per week.

Since joining Business Training it has enhanced my level of understanding of the Business World and I have improved my English. Not only that! I was able to find a permanent job by using your format of writing an application letter.

In addition, I am now assisting a friend in running her hair salon business. We have become members of a ‘Women in Business’ forum.

Business Training is a genuine school and the cost of studies is very affordable. Now I have obtained my Diploma in Business English it has given me an opportunity to venture out with confidence.

Florence SegadimoFlorence Segadimo from Botswana

I was originally a primary school teacher but I left teaching in order to help my husband in our company. I was a Managing Director without experience and that‘s when I decided to join Business Training!

I can now choose what new skills my business gains, targeting skills to meet the needs of our operations for now and the future.

Our micro-lending business has grown and we have been awarded a certificate. We had to provide information to achieve this and I did it myself with the help of the knowledge I gained from you. The course has built my self-esteem; I am now the one who trains my staff so that they can provide better customer service, better work safety practices and production improvements. This has improved customer satisfaction, profitability and morale.

My company is rated as one of the big companies in my country and we have opened two new shops. In addition I have opened my own clothes boutique and it is doing well.

I just want to say thanks for your help. The course has given me confidence; before joining I was afraid to stand and speak in front of people but now I can do it without fear. You have really changed my life. I am no longer spending money on consultants – asking them to help me with completing forms for tenders – I do them myself and I succeed.


Nura SuleimanNura Suleiman from Nigeria

Before joining Business Training I was a Clerical Officer in a local government council. My salary could not support my transportation and food, so I was struggling with the hope of getting promotion. My heart pounded every time I was asked to write a report or the minutes of meetings for our Moslem Volunteers Association. Also, I trembled on stage at events.

After achieving my Diploma with Distinction I framed my Certificate and hung it on the walls of my room. My brother, who is a manager at a binding section of a publishing company, saw it. He was highly impressed and asked me to help him write quotations for the contracts his clients offered.

This qualification helped me gain practical knowledge and I am considering starting my own business. Currently I am in the process of writing my business plan, which I could not do myself had I not joined Business Training. The general business philosophy that was explained in the first and other sections of the course gave me an insight into the whole world of business, services for business support and sales techniques.

The quality of your tuition is excellent, and the Student Service department are caring and helpful all the time. The Art of Spoken English CDs, which I play regularly before going to sleep, have improved my speech and pronunciation. The more I play and listen, the more my spoken words improve.

I am benefitting a lot from the resources offered on the Student Community section of the website. My writing and spoken English have improved tremendously. I can write reports and minutes with total confidence. And no more shivering at meetings and on stage!


Tanwantee Mewa- RamkhalawonTanwantee Mewa-Ramkhalawon from Mauritius

I am a Nursing Officer working at the Moka Eye Hospital in Mauritus. When I joined Business Training, I was working in the operation theatre as a Scrub Nurse and was assisting doctors during operation. Many doctors from foreign countries come to Mauritius to perform various operations and so I got the opportunity to assist them. As I wasn’t very fluent in my English language this course has helped me to converse properly and fluently with these people.

I am no longer ashamed to talk in English and I am also helping my son, who will be in Form III next year, with his classwork and homework.

While doing this course, my knowledge has improved significantly. It has enhanced my ability to create text constructively, efficiently and precisely. It enforced effectiveness in my teaching career. As I am a Nursing Officer, I teach young student nurses in their training, and help them to achieve their goals and how to become good and qualified nurses. I also help my son with his essay writing and how to converse in English properly.

The Business English Course has allowed me to be more confident when I speak. It has been a milestone achievement for me. I would personally recommend the course to anyone who wants to improve their English, learn more about the business world or to widen their management techniques.

Thanks to Business Training I feel confident to face the future. My course has, indeed, helped me to advance in my career and achieve new skills.