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50 years of success - Established 1974

50 Years of Success
Established in 1974

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Business Training College’s Answer Employer Literacy Worries

A recent CBI report concluded that school and university leavers lack basic skills in literacy. This is a major concern for today’s employers with two-fifths commenting that employees are not able to “write in sentences, spell correctly or use accurate grammar”*. And, according to the CBI, 18 per cent of employers feel the need to run remedial training for school and college leavers.

Clearly, poor literacy skills can have dire consequences for your business, including a drop in productivity levels, poor customer service and an increase in complaints. So, Business Training College decided to provide a solution.

Susan Metcalfe, Chairman, says:

“We felt that we could help students improve their career prospects by providing them with high quality, home study training in written English. And, with the Comprehensive Business Writing course we feel we have achieved our aims.

“Employers will be impressed by students who take responsibility for getting the training they need to raise their levels of literacy. It demonstrates that the student is organised, disciplined and committed to bettering themselves – qualities which are, along with a good command of written English, highly sought after by employers.”

The course covers the day-to-day tasks encountered in an office environment, such as letters, emails, reports, promotional materials etc. Students should leave the course feeling better prepared to carry out tasks confidently and effectively.

Business Training College was formed in 1974 to provide training for those seeking to improve their job prospects. The vision was to create home study courses that provided practical, vocational training and would benefit students in their working life. Since that time they have expanded their range of subjects and become a leading provider of home study courses.

For more information visit the Comprehensive Business Writing Course.

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