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50 years of success - Established 1974

50 Years of Success
Established in 1974

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Mind Mapping


Mind mapping is a two dimensional graphic system of note taking. It is highly effective at helping you remember ideas and solve problems. It is a great way to break up large, complex subjects into smaller more manageable chunks – helping you understand and remember the information. You can shape your mind map so that it makes the important aspects of the topic easily identifiable.

How To Draw a Mind Map

Drawing a mind map is easy. Take a piece of paper and write the central topic, such as ‘effective study’ in the middle. Put it inside a circle if it’s easier. Now think of all the different things you’ll need to make your study more effective. You could consider:

  • place
  • time
  • food
  • equipment
  • note taking techniques


Write these topics in circles of their own, arranged around the central topic, and connect them to the central topic with lines. You can now add on further sub-topics if you have them. For example you could add ‘mind mapping’, ‘outlining’ and the ‘Cornell system’ as circles of their own – branching off from the ‘note taking techniques’ circle. You keep adding more and more sub-topics in circles of their own as needed.

Online Help With Mind Mapping

There are plenty of places you can find help with mind mapping, but this page would be a good first place to look, as this man is credited with popularizing mind maps. If you are tech savvy, or just prefer to work electronically, you can find software that helps you to mind map. For example: