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50 years of success - Established 1974

50 Years of Success
Established in 1974

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How Do I work Out How Much Money I Need To Start My Own Business?


In order to find out how much money you’ll require to start your own business you’ll need to create a comprehensive business plan. Once you’ve worked your way through this process you should have an idea as to how much the different aspects of your business are likely to cost, such as:

  • premises
  • stock
  • marketing
  • staff
  • transport
  • licences, taxes etc
  • insurance
  • reserve


A business plan is also essential for demonstrating that you are serious and committed to your business. This will help with:

  • potential investors, if you need them
  • other professionals, such as accountants and advisors
  • large customers
  • large suppliers.


Your business plan will also enable you keep your business on track. It’ll help you see if you are achieving the sales you predicted and so on.

So, it’s worth investing a lot of time and effort into producing a detailed business plan so you get a realistic picture of what your business will cost you.

Business Training can help you Start Your Own Business. To find out more request a prospectus for our Start Your Own Business course.