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50 Years of Success
Established in 1974

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How To Find Work As A Freelance Copywriter


Many companies requiring the services of a copywriter will employ freelancers. This means they can pick the person with the best experience for the job and employ them only until the job is complete. Working freelance is something that many copywriters prefer to do – this is because it allows them to have control over:

  • who they work for
  • how often they work
  • where they work


Finding work as a freelancer

Finding work as a freelancer is easier than you may think. There are plenty of avenues available to find freelance work! You can:

  • join freelancing websites – these are usually free and allow copywriters to:

    - search and bid for work
    - upload their contact details
    - add details of special areas of interest or expertise
    - detail average turnaround times for work

This not only allows you to search for work, it also allows potential employers to search for and contact you directly. Some popular freelancing websites are:

  • join forums – choose a busy copywriting forum and it’ll increase access to other copywriters, copywriting jobs and opportunities to network. Plus, it’s a useful way to keep up with the latest techniques and ideas in the business. Some popular copywriting forums:

  • contact advertising agencies and PR firms – these are the main employers of copywriters so, it’s always a good idea to send them contact details and samples of work

  • network by word-of-mouth and online – never underestimate how powerful talking to people can be for gaining new business. You are your own walking, talking advert! Local business functions, such as those arranged by Business Link, are a good place to meet other local business owners. Networking can also be done via forums, blogs and social media – more on blogs and social media below

  • recommendations – when clients are particularly happy with the copy produced ask if they’d kindly consider passing your business details on to people they think might be interested in or need copywriting services

  • target local businesses – shops, restaurants, take-a-ways etc. Simple cheaply produced flyers should suffice



Joining an industry recognised society is a really good way for any copywriter to improve their reputation. It shows that they’ve already had some degree of success and reached the level required to join the society:


Plus, most professional societies have a directory of their members. This allows potential employers to see details of all the copywriters on the list and offer work to the ones they feel are best suited to the job.


In this world, so dominated by the internet, it is essential that any copywriter wishing to branch out as a freelancer gets their own website. It is one of the best ways to showcase work, advertise special interests or experience and allow potential employers to see feedback from previous clients.

Blogs and Social Media

Blogs and social media accounts are another great way for copywriters to get their name, and a little of their personality, known. However, it is vital that blogs and social media accounts are updated regularly to keep them current and readers interested. The more regular the posts are, the more likely the site is to be found by search engines and, therefore, potential employers. Finding, following and commenting on other copywriters’ blogs is also a great way to network.

So, don’t be afraid, with a little perseverance and imagination there are plenty of places you can find work once you are ready to step onto the freelancers’ path.

If you want to find out more about being a freelance copywriter request a Business Training Complete Copywriter Course prospectus.