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50 Years of Success
Established in 1974

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How to Define a Project’s Objectives


The success of a project depends on everyone involved understanding its objectives. So, it’s vital that they are clearly written and that all the project team members know what has to be achieved and by when.

The objectives are the reasons why the project has been initiated. For example: A local cricket club wants a building that they are able to use for:

  • tea on game days
  • discos and other social events
  • meeting of the club members
  • changing into cricket whites


So, the objective of the project is to provide a building suitable for all those uses. The project manager controls the transition from not having a suitable building to having a suitable building.

Does The Project have More Than One Objective?

Small projects usually have only one objective. However, large projects may have several objectives to fulfil. The project manager is responsible for making sure that all the objectives are clear and which, if any, takes priority over the others. Using the cricket club example to highlight how a project can have more than one objective, the other objectives may be:

  • to show club members how project management works
  • to advise local residents how to maintain the buildings.


So, the project will not only provide the club members with a new building, it will also demonstrate valuable project management techniques and show them how to maintain the building once it is completed.

Obviously, the most important objective is to complete the building on budget and on time. If the project manager has the time and finances to complete the other objectives it’s a real bonus. However, it’s also obvious to see that the two other objectives cannot be achieved if the first one is not completed.

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