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50 years of success - Established 1974

50 Years of Success
Established in 1974

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Report Writing Course


When You Enrol Before 3rd October 2021

People who write well are more likely to get ahead in their career. Your writing can influence how professional you appear to your colleagues, clients and boss. It can also have a bearing upon how seriously they take you.

Because of this, many people find writing at work, and especially report writing, a daunting task. Consequently, reports are left to the last minute meaning they are often poorly produced. This home study course will take away the mystery of good report writing. It's packed with plenty of examples, case studies and some handy tips and tricks to make your writing flow smoothly.

Your Tuition

One of the key aspects to successfully completing your course is the quality of your tuition. All Business Training tutors are experienced in teaching by distance learning and have been specially trained by us to help you.

Your tutor will give you detailed comment on your work. You will be shown how to overcome weaknesses and reassured on your strong points. Your tutor will provide constructive comment and do everything possible to help you develop your report writing skills.

Enrol Now and Save £25!

If you want to get ahead in your career then good report writing will certainly help. Plus you can save £25 on your course when you enrol before 3rd October 2021. So, download the prospectus to see how the course can help you then enrol straight away to start your course today. The course modules are available in the student area as soon as your payment has been accepted.

Enrol Now and Save £25

Report Writing Certificate

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You cover:

  • how to develop your writing style and technique
  • about the different types of reports
  • how to prepare for a report
  • about making notes
  • the form and layout of reports
  • how to construct a report
  • the seven stages of report writing
  • about presentation

You have:

  • 2 tutor marked assignments
  • 7 information-packed modules
  • Support from the Business Training student community, tutors and advisors.