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50 years of success - Established 1974

50 Years of Success
Established in 1974

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What Benefits Will I Receive From Having Good English?


Having good English shows your employer, colleagues and potential clients that you are:

  • professional – being able to communicate fluently and confidently shows that you can be trusted to carry out tasks correctly, efficiently and with ease.

  • pro-active – you’ll impress your potential clients, colleagues and employer with your dedication to improving yourself. This gives you better prospects for promotion, wage rises or further training.

  • productive – the more adept your are at English, the quicker you’ll be able to complete your work making you invaluable to your employer, an excellent prospect for new clients and a pleasure for colleagues to work with.

If you choose to change careers, you’ll be able to use your vastly improved written English skills to prepare flawless applications that’ll impress your potential employers. Once you’ve gained an interview you’ll have the chance to impress again with your confidence and fluency in spoken English.

As you can see, a short-term investment in your English can have long-term beneficial effects on your career. Not only does an improvement in your English skills help with your career, it can have a beneficial effect on your family and social life too. You’ll:

  • feel comfortable and confident to join in social situations where English is being spoken.

  • gain the respect of your family, friends and colleagues as you improve your English skills.

  • be able to improve your family life as your increased wage will give you more disposable income to enjoy.

  • be able to enjoy English films, television, radio, newspapers and books.

  • feel intrepid enough to travel to English-speaking countries knowing that you can converse easily should you need to.

So, spending a little time studying English can lead to a more successful career and promise for the future. Business Training can help you improve your English. Request a prospectus for our Business English with Spoken English course.