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48 Years of Success
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In this issue we consider how adopting a truly professional attitude can boost your career prospects and look at some tips for ensuring that you’re never ‘lost for words’ in your business correspondence.

I’m afraid that this month’s issue is a little late. I’m sorry about that, but we have been very busy here helping new students to settle into their studies. Even though you can enrol on our courses at any time of the year, September is very busy as most people still connect it with the start of the academic year.

This month we’re going to look at professionalism and what it means to you in your job. Our article explains how professionalism can be defined so that you can see whether you measure up! It is important that we work to attain a professional reputation. The reason? People who are recognised as having this are usually the first to be considered for promotion, get on better in their careers and, of course, usually earn more money. Not to be sniffed at!

And professionalism is just as important if you are working for yourself. If you’ve got the right attitude it will help you to plan more effectively, organise your time and deal with your customers and clients in a way that will make them want to come back and do business with you time and time again. It’s a known fact that it’s far more economical, where possible, to get loyal customers that provide repeat business rather than having to constantly advertise and seek new customers. (Though you will always have to do that, too, if your business is to succeed.) To find out more about the professional way to run your own business why not check out our Start Your Own Business Course.

In addition to our article, we have three interesting websites that you might like to check out. The first one, Daily Writing Tips, will be particularly useful if you are already studying our Business English with Spoken English Diploma Course. The second, providing copywriting advice for beginners, should appeal to anyone considering enrolling on our Complete Copywriter Course and the third gives helpful information on all aspects of business.

So, enjoy reading the article but at the same time do a bit of self-analysis to see if there are any steps you need to take to be more professional at work.

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