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48 years of success - Established 1974

48 Years of Success
Established in 1974

"Helping you gain
.control of your career"

Start Your Own Business Course


Your Own Business!

Working for yourself can be challenging, creative and personally satisfying. And, it goes without saying that, successful businesses can make a fortune for their owners. Even those with moderate success will earn more than they would working for someone else.

Running your own business also gives you the chance to take your future into your own hands – you’ll be independent and have the kind of freedom that most will envy. The boredom of a monotonous job, an unpleasant boss, or the misery of low pay, can all be left behind and you’ll quickly realise how enjoyable working for yourself can be.

Owning your own business does mean that you’ll have to put in lots of hard work but the benefits you’ll receive are substantial. If you are ambitious, and want to succeed, then there are some very powerful reasons why you should start your own business. It’s a step that will change your whole life.

As well as providing a course that is compiled by successful business people with extensive experience and knowledge, we also offer you the kind of personal tuition that makes all the difference between success and failure. All this is explained in our prospectus which you can download below. But for a quick overview browse the tabs above.

Your Course

To help you succeed we offer you an expertly compiled home study course that is not only comprehensive, authoritative and practical in its application but has also been evaluated by independent experts. So, you can rest assured that you’ll receive all the help you need as you begin on your journey to owning your own business.

All aspects of Starting Your Own Business are covered including:

  • personal qualities and skills
  • business basics
  • sourcing ideas and finding the right one for you
  • research and marketing plans
  • products, premises and equipment
  • pricing, costing and estimating
  • preparing a business plan


We advise you on: which business model will suit you best, how to sort your finances and administration as well as the essential legal aspects of running your own business, and other sources of help.

You learn how to: finance your business, forecast cashflow, budget, monitor and control your finances and market your business.

Your course contains: 22 fact-packed modules and 6 assignments – marked by your personal tutor.

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Your studies are very flexible. You can study when it suits you and submit your assignments whenever you wish as there are no deadlines set by us.

Your course materials are sent to you as soon as you enrol and are available immediately in the student community area when you enrol online.

You send and receive your assignments by post or by email – the choice is yours.

And, to make your course really effective, you also receive personal guidance and advice from your tutor. To find out more click the 'Tuition' tab above.

Your Personal Tuition

Under the guidance of an expert tutor you will develop essential business skills. The assignments are designed to give you plenty of practice and are based on what you will be required to carry out to set up your business in real life.

You start by looking at the personal qualities and skills you need to develop. We help you to decide which business is right for you and how to write a complete business plan to start that business. You cover business organisation, marketing, pricing, costing, budgets, cash flow, how to finance your business, administration and much more. You’ll learn how to avoid disastrous mistakes and how to do those things which will help you succeed.

By module 18 you will have created a personal business plan under expert guidance. You’ll know exactly what you’re going to do and how you’re going to do it. Once you have completed this module you’ll be awarded a Certificate in Business Planning.

Your tutor will encourage you, be objective, be realistic but most of all give you constructive comment. Through this firm but gentle approach many students come to know their tutor as a trusted friend.

All our tutors have been specially trained by us to help you overcome the difficulties, and the pitfalls, that those starting their own business face. From their own experiences they can help you to research, choose, plan, start and maintain your business successfully.

Click 'Marketing' above for more details on how we can help you promote your business.

Marketing your company

One of the biggest concerns people starting their own business raise is where and how to market their business. Don't let this worry you for now. A whole module is devoted to helping you market your company, plus your tutor will advise you as needed throughout your course.

We show you:

  • what marketing is
  • how to approach it
  • how to write advertising brochures and leaflets
  • how to write successful press releases
  • how to recognise features and benefits
  • how to approach face-to-face selling
  • the seven points to generate customer goodwill


In addition to the many real-life examples throughout the course there is a thorough case history detailing the setting up of a retail business. Plus, much more to give you the best possible chance of owning a successful business.

Trial Period


We are so confident in the materials and tuition we provide we are more than happy for you to inspect the course, with no obligation, for 15 days. If during that time you decide that it is not what you are looking for you can send it back to us for a free, no quibble transfer onto another course of your choice or we will refund any monies you have paid.

The trial guarantees a fair deal from Business Training. It is our commitment to you.


Your Contribution

We can do a great deal to help you plan your new business but, we cannot do it all for you. In fact, the major contribution must come from you.

Firstly, you need to have at least some initiative and you must be ambitious to succeed at your chosen business. You will also need self-motivation to overcome any hurdles you may encounter along the way, so enthusiasm and perseverance are essential. But, remember, we will always be here to help you – we'll  match your commitment one hundred percent with our own.

Don’t forget, there are thousands of people around the world who set up and make a very good living from working conscientiously at their own businesses and with our help and your hard work you could be one of them.

So, if you really want to be your own boss and you are prepared to put in the time and effort required, then together we can make your business ambition become a reality!

Certificate in Starting Your Own Business

Your Certificate

Upon successful completion of the six assignments you will be awarded a Certificate in Business Planning. Your certificate demonstrates that you have completed your assignments to the satisfaction of your tutor and that you have put together a realistic and workable business plan.




How To Enrol

If you truly want to start your own business there is no time like the present to begin. By enrolling now, you could be well on your way to having a successful business within a few short months.

And remember, anybody can enrol on the Start Your Own Business course. You don’t need any special qualifications or background and you can begin whenever it suits you.

So, click the enrol button below, call 00 44 161 819 9912 or complete the enrolment form and let's start working together to help you take control of your future!

Course Fees:

Full Fees: £249

Easy Payment Plan: £33 deposit payable now and £38 a month for the following six months making £261 in all.


How To Enrol If You Don't Have A Credit Card

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Enrol with your credit card through our secure server and as soon as your payment is accepted you can view the first sections of your course in the student community area. It's the quickest way to see for yourself how we can help you develop your business skills.
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Everything You Need To Set Yourself Up In Business

  • A first class course written by professionals.
  • Caring, constructive help from expert tutors.
  • Six marked assignments.
  • Support from Student Advisors.
  • Flexible study programme to suit YOU.
  • Advice on preparing your business plan.
  • Instant access to course material when you enrol online.
  • One year in which to complete your studies.
  • 15 day trial.
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