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48 years of success - Established 1974

48 Years of Success
Established in 1974

"Helping you gain
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Finance for Non-Financial Managers Course


Taking the Fear out of Finance

Financial and accounting issues can often be a source of stress and confusion. Unfamiliar jargon and figures may be presented to you on a regular basis. And, as a manager or business owner, it is imperative that you understand what the figures mean. This course aims to give you confidence in financial decision making built on a solid understanding of the information.

This isn’t an accountancy or bookkeeping course. It is designed specifically to give you the skills to help you grasp:

  • the basic essentials of finance
  • the concepts and techniques of financial management
  • how to use financial tools to your advantage


In a few short months you’ll have gained the knowledge and confidence needed to understand the implications of the figures presented to you. This will make you more effective at your job and your work more interesting as you can have a more pro-active role in decision making. Or as a business owner you’ll have more confidence in the decisions you make.

The course, the personal tuition and the service we offer are fully explained in our Prospectus – Finance for Non-Financial Managers – which you can download below. But, for a quick overview browse the tabs above.


To help you master the financial and accounting techniques you need, we have assembled a comprehensive, professionally written course covering all the essentials. In your course you’ll learn about:

  • why businesses need financial records
  • what credit control is
  • assets and liabilities
  • the profit and loss account
  • the balance sheet
  • the cash flow statement
  • the cash flow cycle
  • costing
  • setting prices
  • how to prepare a budget
  • financial ratios
  • why auditing is necessary
  • what creative accounting is


You learn how to identify warning signals and drive profitability using key performance indicators, use financial analysis to resolve business problems, identify and interpret routinely issued financial statements, plus much more.

By the end of the course you’ll be able to communicate effectively with the finance department and have greater confidence in analysing and using the main financial statements to aid your decision making. You’ll understand the value of budgeting and how to monitor a company’s day-to-day and long term financial performance.

Your course contains 12 fact-packed modules and six assignments – marked by your personal tutor.

Your studies are very flexible. You can study wherever you are and you can adapt your study to suit your timetable. You can work when it suits you and you can start as soon as you are ready as there is no fixed enrolment date.

Download a synopsis

Your course materials are sent to you as soon as you enrol and are available immediately in the student community area when you enrol online.

You send and receive your assignments by post or by email – the choice is yours.

And, to make your course really effective, you also receive personal guidance and advice from your tutor – who is experienced in financial matters.

Your Personal Tuition

Under the guidance of an expert tutor you will develop an understanding of financial techniques. The assignments – six in all – are designed to give you plenty of ‘real-life’ practice so that you get a feel for the kinds of financial and accounting information you may come across, and how to use it.

All our tutors have a wealth of expertise. In addition each one has been specifically trained by us to help you overcome the difficulties, and the pitfalls, that those unfamiliar with financial information face. From their own experience they can help you get to grips with the basics quickly and effectively.

Moving Forward

Anything that you can do to improve your knowledge and understanding of the financial workings of your organisation can only help you with your career. So, completion of this course is not only going to enhance your value to the company, it will also make you feel more confident in dealing with financial issues.

You’ll be able to analyse the current position so you have an informed view of the company’s performance. You’ll also be able to make recommendations for improvements and be confident in the knowledge that you have the figures to back it up. All of this means you’ll be more involved in shaping the company’s future. You’ll also be in a better position should you wish to apply for promotion, a pay increase or a new job.

Trial Period

We are so confident in our course materials and tuition service that you have the course on a 15-day (in your possession) inspection. If, during this time, you decide that the course is not what you are looking for you can return it to us – no quibble – for a transfer to another course or a refund of your money.


Your Contribution

We can do a lot to help you, but we can’t do it all for you. In fact, the major contribution must come from you.

You need to put time aside to read and learn the course materials and take on board what your tutor advises you in the feedback for the assignments. For your own benefit we recommend you should try to study on a regular basis. However, this is not essential – you can study and submit your work at any point during your course. The course can realistically be completed in six months, but you have a full 12 months should you need it.

So, if you want to understand your company’s financial workings and you are prepared to put in the time and effort required, then together we can help make your goal a reality.

Half an hour each day is all you need!

All too often people don’t make the most of the talents they possess. Usually it’s because they don’t know where to start, claim they haven’t got the time or simply never get round to it. Don’t let this happen to you. With our help you will learn where to begin and how to plan your time. All you have to do is create a small space in your life for your study. Even with only half an hour a day you’ll be surprised how quickly your skills develop.

Your Certificate

Finance for Non-Financial Managers Certificate

A CPD Certificate in Finance for Non-Financial Managers is awarded by Business Training at the end of your course. It is given to students who have completed all six assignments. Once you have your certificate you can show that you are competent enough to engage more fully in your company's financial decisions.


How to enrol

If you want to develop a working knowledge of business finance then there is no time like the present to start. It would be a shame not to take the oppurtunity to increase your value at work, better understand your business or generate promotion opportunities. You don’t want to look back in a few years’ time and say, ‘If only…’ So, you could take action right now by enrolling today.

And remember, anybody can enrol on this course. You do not need any special qualifications or background and you can start whenever it suits you.

Overseas students please note: A basic knowledge of English is required as the training is conducted wholly in the English language. If you can understand this website you’ll be able to understand the course.

Your course materials are sent to you by post and should arrive within seven working days in the UK or 28 working days if you are overseas.

So, click the enrol button below, call our head office on 00 44 161 819 9912 or complete the enrolment form and let's start working together to help you become competent at understanding finance.

Course Fees:

Full Fees: £329 - You are sent your full course when you pay your fees in full.

Easy Payment Plan: £41 deposit payable now and £50 a month for the following six months making £341 in all.

How To Enrol If You Don't Have A Credit Card

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Enrol with your credit card through our secure server and as soon as your payment is accepted you can view the first sections of your course in the student community area. It's the quickest way to see for yourself how we can help you develop your finance skills.
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Everything you need to be competent in financial matters.

  • A first-class course written by an experienced professional.
  • Constructive help from expert tutors.
  • Six tutor-marked assignments.
  • Support from our friendly, experienced Student Advisors.
  • Flexible study programme to suit YOU.
  • Instant access to course material when you enrol online.
  • 12 months to complete your studies.
  • 15 Day Trial.
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