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48 years of success - Established 1974

48 Years of Success
Established in 1974

"Helping you gain
.control of your career"

Advanced Business English Course


Master English to help gain promotion, increased wages and self confidence.

In today’s business environment English is a must! The more confident and skilful you are, the more likely you are to improve your career prospects. The Advanced Business English course has the tuition and support you’ll need to reach the high level required to succeed at work, impress your family and friends and open up a whole world of opportunity!

With your new-found skills you’ll be able to complete tasks quickly, easily and with much less stress than before. You’ll relish, rather than dread, those difficult reports and letters, approaching them with enthusiasm and confidence.

Your boss will notice your improved communication skills, which could lead to promotion and a wage increase. You’ll also be more confident when applying for new jobs. And you’ll have the self-confidence and pride in yourself and your work that will make you feel on top of the world!

The English course we offer you, the personal tuition service and your Guarantees are fully explained in our prospectus which you can download below. But, for a quick overview browse the tabs above.

Your Course



To help you succeed we offer you a home study course written by professionals.

All aspects of Advanced Business English are covered including: 

  • Writing styles and techniques
  • Effective letters
  • Notices and memos
  • Report writing
  • Sales letters and direct mail
  • Articles and Press Releases
  • Preparing your CV
  • Presenting visual information
  • Preparing a business plan


We advise you on: grammar - including tenses, active and passive verbs and subject/verb agreement, the six Cs of writing, idioms and jargon, similes and metaphors.

You learn how to: compile questionnaires and forms, write formal and informal notices, prepare testimonials, write newsletters, plus much more.

Your course contains: 12 fact-packed, professionally written sections with helpful checklists, case histories and real-life examples of correspondence you may come across in business. Plus, six tutor-marked exams.

Click here to read a full synopsis

Your studies are very flexible. You can study when it suits you and submit your assignments whenever you wish as there are no deadlines set by us.

Your course materials are sent to you as soon as you enrol and are available immediately in the student community area when you enrol online.

You send and receive your assignments by post or by email – the choice is yours.

And, to make your course really effective, you also receive personal guidance and advice from your tutor. To find out more click the 'Tuition' tab above.

Your Personal Tuition



One of the key aspects to successfully completing your course is the quality of your tuition. All Business Training tutors are experienced in teaching by distance learning and have been specially trained by us to help you.

Your tutor will give you detailed feedback on your progress and guidance for the future. You will be shown how to overcome weaknesses and reassured on your strong points. Your tutor will provide constructive comment and do everything possible to help you develop your English skills to a high level.

We’ve brought together a professional tuition service and an effective course so that you can work towards your Advanced Diploma in Business English. Not only will you gain a qualification, you’ll also gain confidence in yourself and a deeper knowledge of how businesses function.

More money, better job, increased confidence!

Most people understand that good writing skills will help their career – completing letters of application for example. But, sometimes they don’t always realise just how important they are.

Consider how much more you have to offer an employer when you write with confidence and clarity.

  • Your efficiency increases as you become more skilled in English – your writing will take less time and effort and will need less correction.

  • Everything you write will be competent and professional.

  • Embarrassing misunderstandings that can lead to costly mistakes will be a thing of the past.

  • Writing English will become a joy, rather than a chore, as you tackle even the most difficult tasks with confidence.

  • Your self-confidence will soar as you impress everyone you deal with.

  • You’ll become an invaluable resource for your employer as the skills you’ll learn can be transferred to all kinds of writing.

  • As your skills improve you will be able to say exactly what you mean and others will find your writing concise and easy to understand.


As your employer realises how competent you are in English you’ll be entrusted with more complex tasks, which could lead to promotion and a wage increase. See ‘Student Stories’ to find out how other people have benefitted from their Business Training studies.

Your Guarantees

The three guarantees for this course make your enrolment with us as risk free as possible. These state:

1. You have the first sections of your course, on trial, for a full month. If you do not like them, send them back for a no quibble transfer onto another course of your choice or have the money you have paid refunded in full. This gives you plenty of opportunity to inspect the course, and satisfy yourself that it is the right training for you!

2. If your first examination paper indicates that your English is not good enough to understand the course we will tell you so and refund the money you have paid. This does not happen very often, but occasionally it is necessary. You can then do some more basic training* and come back to us at a later date.

*The Business English Diploma may be suitable.

3. If you complete your course and do not achieve your Diploma qualification we will refund your fees in full.

These guarantees are your safeguard of a fair deal and high tuition standards from Business Training. They are our commitment to you.


Your Contribution



We can do a lot to help you, but we cannot do it all for you. In fact the major contribution must come from you.

You’ll need to have a reasonable command of English as this is a follow-on course from the Business English with Spoken English course we offer. However, we will accept students who have achieved GCSE level English or an equivalent qualification. In addition to this you’ll also need dedication and perseverance to see the course through to the end. Remember, you are in charge of when you study and how quickly you send in your exams for marking, so it is essential you plan your time effectively – we will help you with this.

You’ll also benefit from lots of practice. The more you can read English (in magazines, newspapers and online articles) listen to it (at the cinema, on the radio and TV) and speak it (by practising with colleagues, friends and family) the quicker you’ll gain the high level of English competence needed to complete the course.

Your Diploma

Business Training DiplomaYour Advanced Business English Diploma will be issued to you when you qualify. This is awarded on a continual assessment basis, with a Pass mark of 50%. If you reach 65% you’ll be awarded a Diploma with Credit and by attaining 75% you’ll be awarded a Distinction. 

Naturally we want you to qualify for your Diploma, but it is not issued automatically. You will only earn it by studying regularly, working hard and completing all required exams for the course.

Once you have earned your Diploma you can face the future with confidence because the knowledge and ability your Diploma represents will enable you to take advantage of the opportunities that come your way.


How To Enrol

If you truly want to write English to a high level to help propel your career forward, impress your colleagues and improve your social life there’s no time like the present to start.

It would be tragic to do nothing and then look back in a few years' time and say, ‘If only...' On the other hand, by enrolling now, you could be enjoying the benefits of your promotion, a new job or even starting your own business in just a few short months.

And remember, all you need is a reasonable understanding of English – GCSE level qualification or equivalent or completion of the Business English with Spoken English course – to enrol onto this course.

So, click the enrol button below, call 00 44 161 819 9912 or complete the enrolment form and let's start working together to help you take control of your future!

Course Fees:

Full Fees: £144

Easy Payment Plan: £26 deposit payable now and £26 a month for the following five months making £164 in all.

How To Enrol If You Don't Have A Credit Card

A prospectus has been sent to you in the post.

Start your course in minutes.

Here's how!

Enrol with your credit card through our secure server and as soon as your payment is accepted you can view the first sections of your course in the student community area. It's the quickest way to see for yourself how we can help you develop a good command of English.
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  • A first-class course written by English language professionals.
  • Caring, constructive help from expert tutors.
  • Six tutor-marked exams.
  • Support from experienced Student Advisors
  • Flexible study programme to suit YOU.
  • Instant access to course materials when you enrol online.
  • Two years to complete your studies.
  • Triple guarantee for a risk-free enrolment.
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