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Business English with Spoken English

Please accept the terms of enrolment below and select how you would like to pay for your course.

Conditions of Enrolment


  1. For the fees stated above the School will provide you with the Business English Course as described in the prospectus.

  2. If paying by instalments, you agree to pay your instalments every month when they become due, irrespective of your study progress. If you exceed the recommended rate of study you agree to accelerate your payments to the same extent. (This clause does not apply to Plan A enrolments.)

  3. This agreement lasts for two years. If you wish to extend your studies beyond two years, an extra charge may be made for administration and supply of revised material.

  4. All study material we send to you becomes your own property as soon as you receive it.

  5. Business Training reserves the right to refuse to accept any applications for enrolment. We also reserve the right to discontinue tuition for any student who (in our opinion) does not have sufficient aptitude to complete the course. In such cases all fees paid will be refunded on return of the course materials.

  6. On successful completion of your studies (and providing your fees are fully paid), you will be awarded your Business English Diploma. The award of a Diploma confirms that Business Training is no longer liable for any refund of tuition fees under part 3 of the guarantee below.You will then be eligible (for a further fee) to continue with the Advanced Business English Course.

  7. I undertake to respect your copyright in the course and not to allow any other person to read or use the course, or any portion of it, in any way whatsoever.

Your Guarantees

  1. You have the first sections of your course on trial for a month when you enrol. If you return them to our Manchester office within one month of receipt any money paid will be returned in full. This period will only be extended by request in advance.

  2. If in our opinion, your level of English is not good enough for you to complete the course, we will tell you and refund in full the money you have paid.

  3. If you complete your course and do not achieve your Diploma qualification we will refund your fees in full.

Your Data Rights: Business Training do not share your information with any other person or organisation except as required by UK Law. All reasonable precautions are taken to prevent unauthorised access to this information. This safeguard may require you to provide additional forms of identity should you wish to obtain information about your account details. You can have the information Business Training holds corrected or deleted at any time. Please address your requests and/or queries to our offices in Manchester.

Where Your Data is Stored: We use Communigator as our emailing system and your details are stored therein. We use SagePay to process your payments so your details are stored therein. Your details and progress through your course are stored on our internal database. As you are enrolling online, your details are stored on the Business Training website. Please see our Cookie and Privacy Policy for full information on how we track your use of the website.

I accept the above terms of enrolment

Business English Course


£25.00 deposit then £22.00 per month for 5 months making £135.00 in total.

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