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49 years of success - Established 1974

49 Years of Success
Established in 1974

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Business Training Announces its Student of The Year Award Winner!

Business Training is pleased to announce that Mr Shaft Gent Musaka is Student of The Year 2011!

After enrolling with Business Training Shaft was accepted at Copperbelt University to study a Bachelors degree in Business Administration. He was promptly given exemption from most of the subjects, including communication skills, because of his Business English with Spoken English Diploma. Shaft is now a graduate. Not only that, he’s also experienced improvements in his spoken English and has found that his skills are highly sought after in his work place:

“I have become invaluable in the work place, helping out with letter writing, drafting memos, and general public relations administration. Business English has really improved my ability to perform my role as an information officer and I am now considering applying for higher positions within my company. During this year’s Labour Day celebrations I was awarded the most dependable worker!

“I would like to thank BTL for the good service they offer their students – I owe you a lot. My sincere gratitude to you all.”

Business Training is always interested to know how their courses have affected the everyday lives of their students and the Student of The Year Award is to give special recognition to those who, the judges feel, have excelled since enrolling.

Susan Metcalfe, Chairman, says:

“We love to give credit where credit is due and Mr Shaft Gent Musaka has certainly earned the award of Business Training’s Student of The Year 2011. He impressed us with the progress he’s made in his life and career since being a student on our Business English with Spoken English Diploma course. We hope he enjoys spending his £100 prize! And, let’s not forget the other worthy winners, Amollo, Yasheen, Godwin and Albert who each received £25. All winning students also received a Certificate of Achievement for their efforts.”

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Dahlia Ewers“I would recommend the Business English course to anyone who wants to improve their English, learn more about the business world or to widen their management techniques"

Dahlia Ewers, USA



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