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44 years of success - Established 1974

44 Years of Success
Established in 1974

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English is a Living Language and is Changing All the Time!

This week saw the new Collins Scrabble dictionary published with 3000 new words being added to the existing quarter of a million. These additions are an eclectic mix of new technological jargon, overseas English, recent colloquialisms, street slang, and a few phrases that had not made it on to the list before.

New slang terms, include: “innit”, “thang” and “grrl”

Technology-related words include: “webzine”, “darknet” and “Facebook”.

There are even terms from Indian cookery, including: “keema”, “alu” and “gobi”,

Traditionalists may baulk at the language being messed about in this way but it just goes to show that language is always changing.

Business English Changes Too

And, just as in the rest of life, business language changes as well. For example the advent of email means you can be more informal in your business correspondence than you tend to be in a letter. But you should still make sure your grammar and spelling are correct and say clearly what you mean.

A Good Command of English is Good for Your Career

It’s not just me saying that. Here are some of the views taken from Business Training’s LinkedIn discussion:

“A good command of English is very necessary for the progression of my carrier in that it is the most spoken language in the globe. I have a vision to connect to as many people as possible and to share issues with people of different levels and capacities. Should I use Kiswahilli or my Ateso language that some people may have not even heard of?”

BE, Uganda

“Hi, I am from Papua New Guinea and English is my third language. However, English is the official language here. From my experience a good command of written and verbal English communications skills can make or break a success in your career here.”

AW, Papua New Guinea

“The world is becoming smaller than before just because of advancement of technology and knowledge. Every person has different ideas, knowledge and strength and wants to share them with other people. There is no accepted and established common language for all other than English. This is a medium language between two languages and cultures. In the course of our business or work, anywhere in the world, there is always possibility to come across with the people of different languages and cultures and we can simplify this situation with the help of English.”

KDY, Nepal.

So, there you go! Views from around the world on why developing excellent English skills is good for your career!

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